When troubleshooting it’s important to look in the most common places that we human beings have a tendency to be our own worst enemies.

They wear “I’m busy” as a badge of honour, which creates more imbalance in their lives negatively impacting their physical, emotional and mental health and wellness.

Having lost credibility with themselves after countless promises to – insert desired change here – beginning tomorrow … a day that’s not on any calendar and that never seems to come. When we can get the conscious and unconscious mind in alignment and working together towards a common goal the resistance and struggle disappear.

They make decisions based on fear, rather than potential and possibility.

They react rather than respond, it’s requires emotional regulation.

They have not learned emotional resilience.

They have yet to learn to harness the power of the way they allow themselves to think, feel and behave. How one thinks, feels and behaves determines their personality. Personality = their personal reality. It creates the lens through which they experience and interact with the world around them. Change that internal lens and you change everything in their lives with nothing outside of them needing to change.

They wrongly believe that they are not enough. They also have feelings of being unworthy and/or deserving. They have yet to realize that they were born enough. They were born worthy and deserving of the best this world has to offer. There are no hoops to jump through, nobody to please and no unknown expectations to meet in order to be deemed worthy. It is their birthright. They just need to claim it.

They repeatedly self sabotage their efforts and don’t know why or how to stop doing so. They are out of alignment with who they really are.

Try as they might they find long term meaningful change hard if not impossible. It happens when we are out of alignment and get stuck in what is vs what is becoming.

They have a strong desire to be the best version of themselves but don’t know how to get there when willpower and determination are not enough. Changing the conscious mind with the conscious mind is an uphill challenge. There are easier ways, such as working with the unconscious mind directly to address the limiting beliefs, thoughts and habits that are keeping them stuck.

They place their gifts of time, energy and focus on what is wrong vs. what is right.

They have yet to realize just how powerful they truly are. They have spent a lifetime using self hypnosis without ever realizing it. Those negative thoughts and feelings they have on repeat, day in and day out, have programmed their unconscious mind in ways that are not helpful to them.

They are not held back by who they think they are. They are held back by who they think they are not.

“ We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are” ~ Anaïs Nin