The Power of You


 While all of this may sound overwhelming, at its core there is more hope, health, and wellness than anyone with a chronic illness /pain condition could have imagined possible, and far more than your doctors ever bothered to explain to you.

Now, I understand that not everyone reading this is ready to hear this and that is okay. Had someone told me all of this in my first 6 years of being chronically ill, I would have likely become angry, wanted to punch them in the face, and walked away muttering to myself how delusional some people are. What don’t they understand about genetic, and incurable???

I, like most of my generation and the generations before us was a product of growing up believing in a health care system, and doctors as all knowing and that resulted in me ignoring my intuition and a lot of biting my tongue in those first five years as I placed my life in their hands believing they knew best. They had told me everything I had was incurable, would get worse and that there was no hope, and who was I to question that?

As such, I took their poisons no matter how sick they made me feel because they thought the potential benefit was more than worth it, regardless of how it made me feel. So, I followed their instructions, took their prescribed medications, and believed their prognosis. Who wouldn’t after hearing incurable, deterioration, complications, comorbidities, no hope confirmed over and over again by specialist after specialist?


I believed everything they told me … my reward 


I become sicker and my diagnoses piled up.


The best thing to happen to my health and wellness was my Rheumatologist giving up on me! At first, I was hurt, angry, feeling quite lost and abandoned. Eventually that anger turned to determination. I became determined to do what my doctors could not do … get me well… and I did!

The biggest difference between health and chronic illness/pain was the difference between taking responsibility for my own health and wellness after 6+ years of giving that responsibility to my doctors.
I learned the hard way, that the further outside of myself I looked for answers, the sicker I became. Everything I ever needed to regain my health and wellness was within me.

 Today I am healthier than I have been in over a decade and I continue to get stronger and healthier, although the changes are much more subtle and gradual today than they were initially.

 More than anything I want you to know that health and wellness are possible for you too … when you are ready.

Remember your job is simply to create the favourable conditions (internal environment) required for your body to heal itself.
There isn’t a right or wrong way to heal, only what’s right for you.

 Know there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of us who have reclaimed our hijacked lives from trauma, chronic physical, mental, and emotional conditions.



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