Are You Ready To Meet Your Most Favourite Version of Yourself Yet?

Coaching with Rhonda will get you there faster than you ever imagined possible.


Coaching & Hypnosis

is ideal to:



Create physical, emotional, mental health and wellness across all life areas.

Eliminate your inner critic, self doubt, limiting beliefs, and habitual patterns that prevent you from being the best version of your self yet!

Align the conscious and unconscious mind to eliminate the resistance to the change that comes with personal growth and development.

Achieve your personal, and professional goals with ease.

Resolve past trauma once and for all without having to share any details at the risk of re-traumatizing yourself.

Repair limbic system dysfunction.

Gain freedom from physical and emotional pain.

Freedom from anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias.

Weight management

Stress management

Create the life, career, business you have always dreamed of!

Spiritual exploration: past life regression, future life progression, journey of your soul between lives, channeling loved ones past and more!

Psychedelic Integration Coaching 


Find your health, wellness & happiness

the natural way.

About Me

I’m Rhonda,

My clients have called me many different things over the years but my two favourites are: The Mind Whisperer & The Body, Mind & Soul Architect. I am indeed both of these things.

I’m also …

100% Geek: Nothing excites me more than diving into the latest research around: Neuroscience, Hypnosis, Health & Wellness, Biohacking, Psychology, Human Behaviour and more!

100%  A student of life, I have an intense love of learning, with an unrivalled passion for deconstructing and simplifying complex research and creating simple, doable, and fun applications my clients can use to transform their lives, heal trauma, manage stress and become the best versions of themselves yet. Creating the foundations for health and wellness and ensuring they create a happy, committed, passionate, healthy relationship … with themselves.

100% Committed to being inclusive, loving, kind, compassionate.

100% Wizardry & Alchemy: I can’t give away all my secrets .

100% A Perfectly Imperfect Work In Progress

Geek + Nerd + Commitment + Wizardry + Alchemy + Perfectly Imperfect + Work in progress + Intention + Intuition = Rhonda Your Guide to Reconnecting & Reigniting Your Body, Mind & Soul so that you can become the best version of yourself yet!

I spent more then two decades as a Counsellor working with mental health until my life and career got highjacked by a cluster of Auto-Immune Diseases, a genetic syndrome, and all of their nasty comorbidities that left me in severe chronic pain, 90% bedridden and living to die for 6 years and 3 months.

Then my doctor gave up on me, there was nothing more they could do for me …. I was devastated, then I got angry and did what none of my doctors could do for me…I got myself well!

Fast forward to today … I’ve been in remission for 5+ years now and …

I am happy
I am physically, mentally and emotionally healthy
I am whole
I am enough
I am worthy and deserving
I am thriving

all in spite of every doctor telling me my diseases were genetic and incurable, and that level of disability would increase over time as I would continue to deteriorate.

Today I use my education, professional and personal experience, and passions to guide individuals to reconnect and reignite their body, mind and soul to work with them, rather than against them.

I utilize a variety of approaches including but not limited to Hypnosis, CBT, DBT, NLP, Brain/Neural Retraining and more.

I look forward to seeing you on my calendar to see how I can support you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself yet!

“After working with so many coaches and programs over the years, I can say without hesitation that Rhonda is among the best!  

She is extremely knowledgeable yet it’s clear that she continues to stay in learning mode to provide the best for herself and her clients.  She is a highly skilled researcher yet balances it with her well-developed intuition.  

I love her directness and tact.  She doesn’t tell clients what they want to hear, but what’s needed to make progress.  Sometimes the answer isn’t the one you want or expect, but one of her strongest skill sets is providing honest feedback with love and grace.

Most importantly, it doesn’t take long to recognize that Rhonda’s work isn’t just a job or business.  It’s her calling and she approaches her work with the love and focus that creates incredible results for those who have the privilege of working with her.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an assist in taking his or her life to the next level!”

– Maria Adams, USA

“My name is Romita, and I’m a Life Coach and Entrepreneur. I was first introduced to Rhonda by a friend of mine due to my curiosity about hypnosis. Before making coaching my full-time role, I have worked with coaches for 15 years. I believe it’s essential for coaches to have coaches.I’m not sure where to start with Rhonda…I was blown away in our first session. I felt like I met my soul sister! Rhonda is one of the most well-rounded coaches I’ve ever met. Typically, in the coaching world, a coach will work on one specific style and keep perfecting that skill. Rhonda is the complete opposite. She constantly learns new tools and out-of-the-box ways to help clients and bring more targeted and precise results.No matter what your obstacle, trauma, or issues are in life, Rhonda will get in deep and help you resolve them. In my case, I didn’t have any severe trauma but lingering triggers that were affecting my business. In addition, I wanted to expand my mind into a deeper state of intuition and greater knowing. Rhonda is helping with that in a mind-blowing way.Every session with Rhonda, I’m amazed at what I learn from her. I have revelations and insights that I never imagined. Rhonda is a magician of the mind.I don’t typically rehire the same coach again because I like to gain experience for different ones. However, Rhonda is a rare exception. I want her in my life forever!! She is constantly growing and expanding, and I want to grow and develop with her!! Rhonda is more than a coach. She is a mentor, healer, teacher, spiritual advisor, scientist, and business magician.”

– Romita, USA

“Working with Rhonda has significantly improved all aspects of my life and has greatly reduced my anxiety. I am more relaxed, have significantly increased my self-confidence, and overall, just feel like I am in control of my life. I am more aware and more present in my life. IF I do have a (now infrequent) anxiety flare-up, I am able to properly identify what is happening and use the tools and techniques I have been given to respond appropriately and effectively.Many of my walls have come down; I now feel more comfortable with being open and vulnerable with others. I am open to giving and receiving love, which has allowed me to now be in a healthy, loving, joy-filled, relationship.My daily mindset work has also taken on a preventative role for me. I recently had some major life changes happen very suddenly. Instead of falling back into old, anxiety-driven behaviors and patterns, I was able to roll along with the change and accepted it as it came. I attribute this acceptance and calmness about the significant changes to the hypnosis and mindset work that I have practiced over the last few months (and have continued to practice in the midst of all the major life changes).”

– Zoe, USA

“I was diagnosed at 23 yrs old with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s been 30 yrs of failed medications , and much pain.
After working with Rhonda, I’m for the first time, experiencing very little to zero pain where my daily pain levels were 7/10.

I’ve since regained the ability to swim, something I haven’t been able to do in 15 yrs, as well as hiking and running!

Almost everyday, I forget to take my pain meds.

I feel like a bird that’s been let out of it’s cage.

I’m so grateful to Rhonda for all that she’s done. Anyone suffering from chronic pain should give this a try. You will not regret it.“

Ally Kopec, USA


“Working with Rhonda’s has helped me in numerous ways: the hypnosis helps with immediate pain relief when nothing else works, and a combination of coaching and hypnosis helps me have compassion for my body and to stop seeing it as the enemy. It’s  helped me recognize that pain is a signal that something is not right, and needs to be paid attention to. She  has helped me connect with my body instead of dissociating from it. Decades of trapped emotional pain is starting to unwind, and I now feel more in control of my recovery, rather than a victim of my life. 

Thank you Rhonda!”
~ Claire, Canada

“I experienced many profound shifts that began with the first session and continued throughout each subsequent session. I found it a relief to share some significant things with someone who just “got it”. Your life experiences, although different are similar enough to ensure that you understood and could identify with what I brought. This encouraged me to go deeper and deeper towards ultimate place of freedom. I can’t thank you enough or sing your praises highly enough and will continue using the great tools for ongoing support. I will also have a mini version of you in my pocket, guiding me with your wisdom and caring.”

~ Cathie H, Scotland

“I want to give a big Thank You to Rhonda for the incredible healing energy work she did with us today. She is blessed with the ability to take us on a deeper level of healing, to get to the root of what needs to be addressed, but in a very gentle and compassionate way. If anyone is looking for healing for anything, emotional, physical or spiritual, I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable she is and what a positive experience it is to work with her.”

~Hope, USA

“If you are in need of some non traditional, compassionate and in many ways miraculous energy and healing work, Rhonda is a gifted spirit soul.  My life, health and mental well being has been improved, embellished and transformed through our work together!” 💕

~ Rain, USA


Rhonda is one of the most skilled coaches I have ever met. And as a person, she is the total package—a compassionate and kind human being who is witty and intelligent.


Rhonda’s goal is to help you reach YOUR goals. She is thoroughly trained and has so many abilities. She’s a natural. She has helped me to develop better habits and to be more productive. She adapted her program to meet my needs. She didn’t coddle me, yet she met me where *I* was—and now I’m not at that place anymore because she helped me get beyond that.


I recommend Rhonda to anyone who wants a really qualified coach. Maybe you feel like you’ve tried a lot of different things and didn’t get very far—or maybe you’ve been backsliding with your health or productivity. I was feeling that way when Rhonda first worked with me. But I made progress because she knew how to get me there. And, by the way, she’s a heck of a hypnotist!



Virginia, U.S.


Becca’s Healing Journey

“I’m going to start this by saying that Rhonda has completely changed my life in only six months. I have a history of extreme trauma stemming from childhood leading into adulthood. I have been on a healing journey for twelve years, and I have made more rapid progress with Rhonda than with any other modality or facilitator (and I’ve tried them all.) Lately, each day feels like a new treasure to explore as I learn for the first time what it means to live a peaceful and happy life. There is no greater gift than discovering patterns that have held you back your entire life and have magically disappeared. If we had fifty-thousand Rhondas and a majority population willing to put in the work to heal, our world would look entirely different. Thank you SO MUCH, Rhonda, for your care, depth, unique skillset, and knowledge. I’ve finally stopped treading water and am starting to bloom. ”


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My Practice

Something beneath the surface is holding you back from achieving your full potential – in terms of your physical / emotional /mental / spiritual health and wellness, happiness, fulfillment, joy, success and more. You have always done the best with what you knew, and with the skills and resources you had at the time. I know that and I hope you know that.

You have likely tried everything from goal setting, accountability partners, talk therapy, EMDR, doctors/specialists, medications, supplements, elimination diets, brain retraining programs, watches, gizmos and gadgets, all with lack lustre results.

When you only deal with  what’s on the surface, it eventually returns or something else will rise to take its place. It’s a life long  game of whack-a-mole and you begin to feel as though you are too broken to ever heal.

When you deal with the root cause,  which in my experience is almost never what you think it is, you experience long lasting freedom and it’s only then that you begin to realize just how damaging the impact has been in … every … single … area … of your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual  health and wellness, your relationships, your education/career/business,  your social life, and even on your finances).

Can you imagine what it would be like to …

Know with unwavering certainty the power you possess.

Stand and live confident and proud in your power and truth … always!

Live  in peace and harmony from the inside out.

Confidently make decisions that are right for you.

Know from the depth of your soul that you are enough, worthy and deserving. Be the partner, parent, daughter/son, sibling, friend , colleague or entrepreneur you have always wanted to be.

Be connected to your intuition and inner compass, hearing them both clearly guiding you, and supporting you to become the person you were born to be.

Truly know deep within your soul that everything is always working for you.

Be able to  fully experience positive emotions  of love, gratitude, happiness, joy, excitement, passion,  and fulfilment, to name but a few!

Live in physical, mental and emotional health and wellness.

Know that no matter what is next for you that you can and will handle it with ease and grace .

Surround yourself with individuals who love, support, and elevate you.

Keep the wisdom, lessons and knowledge gained from past experiences including trauma and let the rest go allowing you to be shaped, and  not defined by the past.

Why wait a minute longer than you have to, to experience this freedom for yourself.

I see clients globally and conduct all sessions via Zoom.