Psychedelic Integration Coaching


Psychedelic research is exploding and the results are so astonishing that they have the world sitting up and taking notice. The potential for immediate positive impact on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being is truly astonishing when integration coaching is utilized.

While I do not provide, condone, or support the use of illegal substances, I will be offering Integration services so that those who personally have decided to take the risk (and there are risks!) and have had such psychedelic experiences, either on their own with as part of a shamanic journey so that they can make the most of these transformative experiences to promote long lasting growth and healing!

Integration Coaching offers a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space to process altered states of consciousness and the potential for personal transformation.

If you are wanting to integrate the experience, learnings, knowledge and wisdom gained through an altered state of consciousness then I’d be happy to discuss how we can work together to use your experience to guide your personal transformation.



What is Psychedelic Integration Coaching 


A psychedelic experience without Integration is simply a missed opportunity for healing. Integration is a reconnection and realignment of the body, mind and soul following the experience of a an altered state of consciousness prompted by the ingestion of psychedelics. It is the process of exploring and sharing challenges and insights gained that arise during psychedelic experiences.

The feelings, sensations, thoughts, images, symbolism, ideas, and observations that happen as a result of your psychedelic experience can be meaningful for the process of healing. Integration is about creating the space to “make positive meaning” of those feelings, sensations, thoughts, images, symbolism, ideas, and observations so that they have a long lasting positive impact on your day to day life. In this way, integration increases the positive potential for personal transformation that psychedelics have to offer.

Altered states of consciousness have the potential to bring up lots of BIG feelings, sensations, thoughts, images, symbolism, ideas, and observations! Sometimes it can be tempting to ignore them or push them away, or we may even block/forget what comes up, like forgetting a dream if we don’t write it down right away upon waking.

Healing through the use of psychedelics requires that we engage with these BIG feelings, sensations, thoughts, images, symbolism, ideas, and observations, and that’s what integration is all about.

Professional support can make the difference between successfully integrating our new insights into our lives in meaningful ways or missing an incredible opportunity for lasting growth, and healing.



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